Hi, I'm Julz.

A health coach and yoga instructor who helps women develop intentional habits to reduce stress and live an optimal life.

I'm so glad you're here.

I am a householder, homemaker, caregiver. I thrive in knowing that my day to day helps me function and supports me and my husband, Rhorie. On top of that, I love to help others find their optimal daily living routine so that they too can feel supported and thriving in their life. I get to do my favorite things every day- spread more joy and love throughout this world by connecting and helping others. 

I didn't always have this life.

There were years where I didn’t know how to support myself, and what I thought was “healthy” was actually more harmful (I’m looking at you over exercising and undereating Julz in your early 20’s). The catalyst for change in my life was a whole lot of big changes: my older sister passing away, getting married, and moving to a new state all within 2 years of each other. These are what I like to call “big life events” that have a way of rocking the boat of life. 

After moving to Cleveland, OH all of my assumptions of what I thought would happen next- didn’t happen. I went from being the typical Type A full time worker with 50 hobbies to couldn’t find a full time job and all of my outdoor hobbies had to go dormant during a frigid winter (guys it was the first time living in a place where the temps drop to -20). Not one to sit still and wait for things to happen. I took action! I got a few part time jobs, joined a Board of a nonprofit, and filled up my time so that my schedule was jam packed. I kept myself “busy,” but really I was just distracting myself and causing more stress in my life. 

During this time, my body and mental health decreased (goodbye period, hello panic attacks), and my marriage wasn’t in the greatest place. I wasn’t facing what was really going on in my life and didn’t allow myself to really feel my emotions. I felt stressed, anxious, uncomfortable, and unhappy.

In 2016, I decided to break the cycle. It began with my first yoga class. Which turned into becoming a yoga teacher and exploring careers in health and wellness that felt inspiring. I continued to evolve and graduated from The Institute for Integrative Health in 2018. And I haven't stopped. I recently completed my advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training to become a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher. And I also became a National Board Certified Health Coach. 

But by making my health and well-being a priority through eating well, finding movement that works for me, reducing stress, improving sleep- I was able to make time to create my optimal life.

Creating a life you love takes: time, self compassion, curiosity, failure (so you can learn important lessons), and commitment.  

I have always been a

helper and caregiver.

I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own body. I know how digestive distress and anxiety can make you stop interacting with the world around you and how isolating and miserable that can be. I have always loved helping friends and family (and even an uber driver). Now, I am so happy that I can help YOU feel your best through making small daily shifts which will have a huge impact on your day to day life. . My goal is to help YOU feel more vibrant and centered.

Fun facts

about Julz

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I have two English Bulldogs, Tully and Lucy who I'm absolutely obsessed with!

Fun facts

about Julz

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I play the harp!

Fun facts

about Julz


I’m a Cancer sun, Leo rising, Virgo moon. Which means I’m an extroverted caregiver who is practical and organized.

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Thank you so much for being here and joining me on this journey

My goal is to help others feel more vibrant and centered, so I hope I've made you feel this way. If you'd like to say hi, work together or just be friends, let's connect!

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